Equitas Academy #3

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Student Support Services

ELL support

Equitas Academy performs required and timely tests to identify potential English Learners (ELs) and provide them with an effective English language acquisition program that affords meaningful access to the school’s academic core curriculum. Instructional plans for English Learners are based on sound educational theory, adequately supported with trained teachers,  appropriate materials and resources and, regularly evaluated to make sure the program is successful and modified when the program is not successful. Furthermore, we provide parent outreach services and inform parents with limited English proficiency of important information regarding school matters to the same extent as other parents.


Special Education

In addition to the highly effective structures offered at Equitas Academy to support and challenge students, additional strategies target students who may have additional needs like special education.  If a child has unique needs that require special education as a result of a disability, those needs are  determined and a program to meet those needs is designed and carried out. Everyone involved is charged with meeting the children’s individual needs. We recognize special education as a highly collaborative process and as such parents are intimate partners when determining the actions necessary to help a child navigate the rigors of school. Throughout the year, teachers also will assess students through informal measures such as checklists, class work and observations, published and teacher-created tests and quizzes, and through more formal means, such as standardized testing and interim benchmark assessments every trimester. Each year all participants come together to meet and appreciate progress toward established goals and to create goals for the next year.


Counseling Services

Counseling at Equitas supports scholars in a variety of ways. Scholars find their counselor helpful in academic matters, like tackling issues with time management or working with their peers and teachers. Counselors also help scholars navigate personal issues that may arise with piers, friends, home, and other non-school settings.  Equitas offers a comprehensive program that supports all scholars academically, emotionally, and socially.  We accomplish this by providing a compassionate safe and confidential environment which allows scholars to express themselves adequately.